With the support of thousands of dedicated Volunteers, every year more than half a million children across NSW participate in sport. 

With changes in the legislation around Working With Children it becomes relevant.

Since June 2013, people seeking to work or volunteer with children under 18 years in NSW are required to have a

Working With Children Check (WWCC).  Employers, including Sports Clubs and associations, are also required to verify all 

WWCCs through the new online system.

From 31 March 2016, all Junior Rugby League Clubs affiliated with the NSWRL must only ‘employ’ workers (paid or voluntary)

involved directly with the children’s’ teams if the worker has a valid Working with Children Check (WWCC), has applied for one,

or if exempt, has provided the club with a Statutory Declaration, Undertaking and Consent.

Endorsed by the NSW Junior League Association and the South Sydney Junior Football Management Committee it is MANDATORY

for all Coaching Staff and Volunteers to undergo the Working With Children Check (WWCC).  All Coaching Staff and Volunteers

will need to meet the terms required and provide a WWCC Reference Number and Expiry Date before registering as an

Official or Volunteer with the Club. 


Click on the BLUE Flag to apply for a WWCC

* Your Application must image your Drivers Licence

Once you have completed the WWCC you will be issued with a Application Number.

Take the Application Number with the 4 types of identity to NSW Services

Once NSW Services check your application you will receive an email with your WWCC Reference Number and Expiry Date







Click on the BLUE Flag to read NSWRL Child Protection Policy HERE.