2017 Secretaries Final Word

December 05, 2017

2017 was relatively a dry season where more games were played than previous years.  The season brought about change to increase participation and strengthen the competition.  Opportunities delivered the Clubs highest presence in the Representative ranks.  Undoubtedly, the labors of our hard work this season is pivotal and we gain a sense of achievement.  The Clubs place in the Community will strengthen as our Membership continues to grow.


On behalf of the Clubs Management  I would like to acknowledge and extend our appreciation to Luke Curry and his team for the great work they do.  I wish to thank our Sponsors Sydney Airports, CMS Automotive Services, Storage King and Hercules Competition Engines,  the Players, their Families, Grounds Staff, Medical Staff and Referees for their ongoing support during the season.


I wish to extend my personal appreciation and gratitude to all the Coaching Staff.  The level of your enthusiasm, commitment and dedication speaks volumes which is evident in the seasons results.  You truly are amazing people doing extraordinary things.


I look forward to the 2018 season which will commence in February.  The announcement of the date will follow.


Kindly remind all players to complete the online registration process now.



2017 Annual General Meeting

November 30, 2017

The enormous level of interest in Committee Membership is a testament to the quality of work delivered by our outgoing Committee Members, only to be re elected back in.  With the following appointments announced at the Clubs 2017 Annual General Meeting,  Congratulations to;


President  Peter Taylor

Vice President  Torence Kama

Secretary  Karen Sassine

Secretary Assist  Riwa Wiki

Treasurer  Ma Baker

Public Officer Paul Shiels

Facebook is Coming Soon to the Newtown Junior Jets

January 19, 2017

The internet is constantly developing and is the host of information, providing each of us access to connect with one another and interact at our finger tips. Extended Network Media feeding in and out of the Club compiled by Members,

their Families and Guests are passionate league followers like you that have strong opinions. 


The Newtown Junior Jets encourage you to share your thoughts, however our rules are very simple, please do not be rude or be unkind, disrespectful, use abusive language or vilify others, dishonor or discredit the Club.


Cyber Bullying represents a dark side of the internet that impacts the lives of people, invades their privacy, exposes personal information causing embarrassment, hurt and suffering.


The Newtown Junior Jets RLFC has ZERO tolerance for UNACCEPTABLE behaviour which lacks judgment, consideration and respect for others.  Failure to comply will result with sanctions and serious bans.   This behaviour is not conducive or productive and offenders will have the LAW deal with. So play fair and have fun!

F A C E   U P   N O T   F A C E   B O O K

Club Management

2016 Club Awards

November 29, 2016


Coach of the Year:  Rod Schurr - U10B

Trainer of the Year: Ramai Wilson - U8W

Manager of the Year: Louise Caruana - U7B
Women In League: Erin Turner - U14B

Clubman of the Year: Nathan McEwan - U15W

Life Member: Marie Coe, Ground Staff

Junior Life Members:  Izrael Stehlin, Darcy Cottrell, Ratu Vesikula, Manaaki Sassine, James Roach, Michael Sassine

2016 Christmas Cheer

December 18, 2016

The timeless treasures of Christmas, the warmth of home,

the love and laughter of Family and Friends.


On behalf of the Newtown Junior Jets RLFC

I wish to extend our most sincere wishes

to you and your Family for a very Merry Christmas

and a prosperous New Year

Value your blessings and be thankful .

Take a moment to remember all those that are no longer with us.

Share a thought for those that are less fortunate than ourselves

by opening your hearts to them. 

Stay safe and extend kindness to one another for this is the true

Spirit of Christmas.

Newtown Junior Jets RLFC



November 30, 2016

Once again the Club will join forces with the Storage King specialists on Princess Highway, St Peters promoting the “GIVE A GIFT” 2016 TOY DRIVE for The Sydney Children’s Hospital’s Network.

For hygiene reasons, the Hospital’s accept donations of new toys still in packaging that can be given to patients ranging in age 0 - to teens.Please drop your gift into Michael Viking at Storage King or contact Karen Sassine. Drive concludes Friday December 16, 2016.

2016 Secretaries Final Word

November 29, 2016

The 2016 Club Awards now concludes the last of the formalities to end what has been an extremely busy season for the Club.


The Club continues to meet its obligations under the Working with Children legislation. The success of the Clubs “Respect the Referee” campaign has taken on a life of its own and as a Club we should be very proud as the drivers of this initiative.  Thank you all for embracing this concept and leading by example to our Members and making it so successful. 


I cannot express enough how fortunate we are to have the support of Luke Curry and his team.  It is our working partnership with the Junior League Office that ensures we are able to meet the needs of our Membership as effectively as possible and deliver programs to encourage participation. Thank you very much Luke, Kris, Darlene, Tony, and Paul.


In providing the best opportunities for our Membership, this is not possible without the support of our Sponsors:
Margaret McCullough - Sydney Airports, Ned & Norm Sassine - Hercules Competition Engines, Con Christos - CMS Automotive Fleet Services, Michael Viking – Storage King.  Suppliers:  Voula & Frank Dimis - Southern Embroidery, Diane Sharp - Classic Sports and Marrickville and District Hardcourt Tennis Club. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

On behalf of the Clubs Management, I wish to thank the Players, their Families, Grounds Staff, Medical Staff and Referees for their ongoing support during the season.  I wish to extend my personal appreciation and gratitude to all the Coaching Staff. Being a Volunteer can be a thankless task, your reward comes in S M I L E S ! You are amazing people doing extraordinary things, the labors of your hard work, we end our season with a sense of achievement. I feel it a great privilege to work alongside the many wonderful Volunteers of this great Club.


Congratulations to the following teams:  U6B Premiers; U7W Premier Finalists; U9B Premier Finalists


The 2016 season has provided many opportunities and saw the highest representative participation in the Clubs history. May I take this opportunity to wish the 2016-17 Harold Matthews Cup Summer Squad Representatives and all our Members enjoying summer sports all the best. I encourage you all to go out and support our Members during the summer sports program.


Online registrations commenced November 1, 2016. On behalf of the Club's Management we look forward to the 2017 season which will commence in February. The announcement of the date will follow.


2016 Representatives

November 29, 2016

Congratulations to all players to have made Development Programs

Chevron Brown, Darcey Cottrell, John Dodds, Wairangi Haupapa, Keanu Lyon, Salesi Malu, Maikeli Manumanunitoga, Christian Vitale – Patolo, Manaaki Sassine, Kaylib Savage, Ratu Vesikula.

Ame Cottrell, Kyron Fekitoa, Dranza Hawe – De Thierry, Thomas Siumaka.


James Roach, Michael Sassine (pictured with Luke Curry CEO)

John Dodds, Wairangi Haupapa, Keanu Lyon, Salesi Malu, Maikeli Manumanunitoga, Christian Vitale – Patolo, Manaaki Sassine, Kaylib Savage, Ratu Vesikula

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