SSDJRFL is a highly respected organisation with a long history. It is important that its reputation is not tarnished by anyone using social media inappropriately, particularly when referencing the organisation.

When someone identifies their association with SSDJRFL and discusses any involvement in the organisation in this type of forum, they are expected to behave and express themselves appropriately.

2.   SCOPE


This policy applies to all employees and registered members of the SSDJRFL including players, officials, club executive and delegates, registered volunteers, parents of registered members and will also encompass identified club supporters. The policy covers all forms of social media including but not limited to:


  • Social networking sites – eg:  Facebook; Twitter; My Space.

  • Photo and video sharing websites – eg. You Tube; Flicker; Instagram.

  • Commenting on Blogs, web forums etc


The intention of the policy is to include anything posted online where information is shared that might affect members, sponsors, clients or the SSDJRFL as an organisation.


3.   USAGE


Users, as identified in the policy (2. SCOPE ) should assume that the internet is a permanent record of online actions and opinions and is by no means anonymous. All encompassing persons of this policy must follow the principles that the policy is designed to uphold and should be aware that they are individually responsible for their own actions and social media accounts.

Comments made on social media must not racially vilify, be libellous, defamatory or harassing in content  ( including illustrations and nicknames ) and must not bring SSDJRFL into disrepute. Information that is considered to be confidential or sensitive to the SSDJRFL is not to be published or commented on.


Any trademarks belonging to the SSDJRFL such as the club logos, images or slogans eg The Best for the Best are not to be used in personal social media applications.


Users should not share photographs, videos and comments that may be considered private and not for the public domain relating to SSDJRFL that may breach the privacy act or make SSDJRFL or its members in breach of copyright. Users should be considerate to others in these circumstances and not post information when they have been asked not to or consent has not been sought and given. If asked to remove a comment or image etc by the person in question, the user shall do so immediately.


Under no circumstances should offensive comments be made about SSDJRFL members or staff online.

Contact can be made with the CEO of the SSDJRFL prior to posting on social media if there is uncertainty as to whether the comments will be appropriate in regard to this policy.



Breaches in policy, if detected, will result in disciplinary action directly from the Management Committee of the SSDJRFL or alternatively will be referred to the conduct panel. Penalties could include written warnings, suspension, fines or expulsion from the SSDJRFL competition for individuals and clubs in breach also encompassing registered children of parents in breach of the policy.


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